Matt B- Gunnmouth (gunnmouth) wrote,
Matt B- Gunnmouth

FWA must stand for "Fun With Awesome"

My trip started Monday, Feb 13th, and I went up to Mav's house to chill there (or work, whatever you wanna think), meet Max Blackrabbit, gNaw, and DC, and then go out to BUFFET on Wednesday night. Mav and I also cooked up some steaks, and he played through the Warriors ("Come out to plaaayyaayyy~") video game, which was pretty cool.

Mav also showed us the AMV Hell 3 video. It was damn funny... or at least... it WAS at first.

Thursday morning, the guys and I shoved off for Atlanta. We stopped at a bunch of places on the way down, and at one point Max bought me PRALINES AND CREAM ice cream!!

First of all lemme say that in the US, pralines and cream is RARE!! They USED to sell it in stores, BUT NOT ANYMORE!!

So we got to the hotel in Atlanta a little before 4AM, and for some odd reason MY NAME WAS NOT ON THE LIST!!! We searched for a solution, but the only one I could come up with was calling Tigerpaw and waking his ass up. Tiger later told me that the hotel was just being weird, but really it was no big deal, as long as I got my room.


I wake up and go downstairs to get my GUEST OF HONOR badge. As soon as I hop in line, one of the staff members, GREYMIST, asked me for a badge. I said sure, and put him on my list. Then Tiger came in and gave me a few con shirts. They looked GREAT!! I didn't know they were gonna make my drawing THAT BIG on the back of the shirt! If anyone wants a look-see, here's a shot of the staff Jersey...

Hmm... who's that wearing the shirt? Hmm... probably some asshole...
---------------------FRIDAY: Greetings!------------------
MY BUDS---I then took a moment to greet everyone I knew. Among all my buds were Corey (Sean Blackthorne), Tanni, Pink & Eros (I was at their wedding!), Jeff (BONK!), Gobby, Jake (Cog/Jacent), Kip, Steph, Donryu, Basalt, Dragon Girl, Jay Naylor (Fisk), and Hydralancer.

SPECIAL APPEARANCE!---I was also surprised to see Jillor (met her at FC), Lizardbeth, and Dark Natasha amongst the people there. I never got to say hi to DN, cuz I couldn't think of a way to greet her without looking like a complete fanboy. As for Lizzy, she always seemed to preoccupied, so I left her alone for the moment.

NEW PEEPS!!--- Met some new people as well, like Beowolf (hope I spelled that right), who had some kick-ass work. Also met Hannah Spute, who drew really cool reptile characters (I bought one of her originals). There was also someone beside Hannah who had cool stickers and stuff... but I forgot who she was... dammit..

STAFF!!--- A lot of staff came by, and actally, they were the ones who commissioned me most. Flain was one of the first to show up, proudly wearing the badge I made for him last year. He was the most help, and in fact, I think it was mainly his doing that got me my GOH-ness in the first place (THANKS MAN!!!). Conan, Ulf, Spiral, Sorrow, and Tiger himself came by and also ordered badges, and made sure I was doing ok. Then two troublemakers named Bolt and Zaine came by and started causing shit, so they had to be beaten down with FIRE!! RAAAAAHH!!! After that, Bolt made a nice "Guest of HORROR" sign for me, which displayed a nice portrayal of my friendly self, burning people with my fiery breath. MWAHAHA!

-----FRIDAY: OPENING CEREMONIES!!------------------

ON STAGE!--- So before I knew it, I was on stage, looking like a complete fool.
Apparently I had trouble keeping my eyes open. Tiger made me do the "ogre face" and only HALF of the crowd ran away screaming. And OH YEAH! Check out my new chops! Like 'em? Some people say I look better with the crazy hair, but the chops are a nice change I guess. Better than a full beard. *Prays that Kami likes them too*
Anyhoo, that's BILL HOLBROOK beside me. He was the REAL guest of honor, having been published and stuff. Contrary to popular belief, Bill has NOT beaten THAT many people to death-- it was all an accident anyway, and we should learn to forgive and forget-- and he's a REALLY cool guy! He does the comic KEVIN & KELL, which is very funny as well as family friendy.

THE CRYSTAL!---- All the god-level guests received a nice crystal piece that had the con shirt image engraved inside it. Tiger showed it over one of those color things and it looked really nice... I just hope people enjoyed having that, seeing as how it was my art in crystal format... (I didn't get one... waaaaaaah~)

THE JERSEY!--- Tiger also presented Bill and I with our OWN staff Jerseys. Mine says "Gunmouth over the back, and IIIII LOOOOVE IT!!! I will wear it proudly to other cons!

-----------------------FRIDAY: The DINNER-------------------------------------------

We went to a place called "The Feed Store", which doesn't SOUND like a 5-star restaraunt, but it was.
I had the chicken, and it was pretty good. All while eating, I had a nice talk with Tiger, Conan, Bill and a few others about how I personally felt that other "Christians" (yes, I am a Christian) go wayyyy too far with the Sodom & Gamorrah thing; and I expressed my views on how I believe homosexuality should not bar one from seeking God. We also talked politics and food and whatnot, so it was nice.

Some guy named "Spiketxtiger" took a picture of me on the bus, and I looked quite pleased...

FRIDAY NIGHT SLEEP= about 3hrs 20min

-------------------------SATURDAY: AWAKENING!!--------------------------------

I only managed to get three hours of sleep for Saturday morning, cuz I woke up suddenly and heard our neighbors (ROOM 1033) making noise. I assumed it was a staff room, and well... I wasn't having trouble sleeping cuz of ther loudness... rather I was feeling energetic, and wanting to go over and hang with them and shoot the shit while drawing. I KNEW I had to sleep though, so I tossed & turned for two hours... and finally slept for 20 more minutes.

BREAKFAST!-- I got up and began searching for already-awake people to go get breakfast. I found Basalt, buuuuut she eally didn't seem like she wanted to go anywhere, so I went by myself ;~; I decided to go to the hotel buffet, which was pretty nice, all except for the stale bisquits (Mmm! Bisquits!!). There before me was a distinguished-looking Japanese couple, and sinc I was wearing my "guest of honor" badge, I figured I should buff-up my table manners. Hopefully they left thinking, "Now THAT's a guest of honor!" and not "Damn, what a fat Americanaru... with ugry chopsaru!!"
THEN, to my surprise, ONE GUY joined me for breakfast!! I CAN'T REMEMBER HIS NAME!! GAAAH!! But yeah, he sat down with me and we had a nice talk. THANKS to whomever that dude was!!


THE GRIND!--- Saturday work was the same as any Saturday. LOADS of people came up to buy stuff, and well... I ran my business as I usually do. Nothing new there...

***PANEL #1- The Art of Con Artist Artistry---- This was my easy panel. All I had to do was talk about what I normally do for cons. I let people know how one should approach the life of a convention artist. I also showed the pros and cons of convention artistry. The audience received it well, and I was happy to get through it all ok :)


That night a bunch of us went out to dinner at RUBY TUESDAYS. Among our crew were Corey (Sean Blackthorne), Steph, Bolt, Zaine, Jeff (bonk), Lizardbeth, Bob (Lizzy's BF), and a couple others(?).

Exploding Vamps!--- THIS IS WHERE THE CRAZINESS HIT FULL SPEED! Jeff (Bonk), being Jeff (Bonk), would not let us eat without saying some shit that made us all want to laugh, and thus choke on our food. He brought up the subject of Dracula sleeping naked (cuz if he slept in his suit, it would get wrinkled, right?) So of course I added to it, cuz I couldn't help but think of opening a coffin in daylight, and seeing a naked vampire for 1/2 a second before it exploded.

To this day, we still say "BLAH!! PFFFT!"

The Merry-go-round picture! --- There was also a DRAWING that we all contributed to. I began the pic with a random shape, then passed it to my right. We each took turns adding more and more to the picture, until we got something that was just a MASTERPIECE of fucked-uptedness. I will scan it and upload it later. MWAHAHAHAHA!!

MOONSHINE!!--- Bolt and Zaine also told us a story about one of the staff members' stepdad, who apparently has a squeeky voice and looks like a moon. His face can be seen in the upper corner of the dinner drawing.... which I shall show later. We laaaaughed and laughed at the impersonations of this guy'svoice... and I'm thinking of making him a character.

-----PANEL #2: GUEST of HONOR PANEL!!--------------------

Bill Holbrook and I went to our panel together Saturday night.

JUDO BILL!!-- The panel before us had cleared away some tables, and I suggested to Bill that we perform Judo moves in front of everyone. I told him I would totally take the fall for whatever move he could make up, then limp around the rest of the con saying, "Dude, don't fuck with Bill Holbrook! He's a MONSTER!!" Bill then made note that his daughter was a blue-belt, so anyone who ever wants to mess with him will have to answer to his KUNG-FU daughter! Better wach out!

EASY EASY EASY-- This was probably our easiest panel, cuz all we had to do is talk about what we do. I went on and on about stupid crap, and Bill recollected about his past with the furry fandom. There were a couple quiet moments, but I successfully ended that by asking Bill a few questions of my own. All in all, I think it went very well.

NO SLEEP! ----- As some cons often go, Matt Burt got ZERO SLEEP Saturday night. He just had too much work to do.


---- SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!!------------------------

Breakfast with Mav-- Mav and I went down for breakfast to the hotel buffet, and we had ourselves a nice chat... even though I don't really remember it... cuz I was SO DAMN TIRED!! Heck, I was staring off in one direction, and it took me ten seconds to realize that I was staring directly THROUGH one of the guys at the other table who was waving at me o.o;;;

---- Sunday WORK-----------------

INCOMPLETE!!--- I pretty much had to take ALL the badges home with me, but I FINISHED all the sketchbooks and normal commissions on the first half of my list. I got a lot of homework to do...

----PANEL #3: Comic Book De-Suckification----------

De Suck?--- Oddly enough, in the program guide they shortened the name to "Comic de Suck" which I found kinda funny, in a French sort of way. Basically the panel was about how to make bland comics appear more interesting to the viewer. I had some sample copies of good and bad pages for the audience, and let them see if they could find any errors in the pages. This was the hardest panel of the three, since he sample pages were rather incomplete, and since I had a lot less to talk about than my first panel. The audience was really nice though, and all had very good questions, which I was actually able to answer! I was REALLY happy once that was over.

----- SUNDAY: Closing Ceremonies --------------------

I managed to take the Silent Hill posters, that were being passed around the con, and I cut out a mouth hole, and sorta.. wore the poster as a mask for part of my ending speech at the con. That... went over ok, I guess. Anyhow, I thanked everyone, especially the staff, and told them I had a great time. It rocked, yo!

-----SUNDAY: IT DOESN'T END!!!-----------

STILL WORKING!! --- I still had work to do Sunday night, and I spent most of that time in my room with Max, gNaw, DC, Mav, Pink, Eros, Lizardbeth, Bob, and Jeff (bonk), finishing up all my shit. I began to fall asleep, but awoke in time to go eat with Liz, Bob, and Jeff (who is Bonk).

----- SUNDAY: CHINESE FOOD----------------

GOLDEN WALL SCULPTURE--- Just like last year, Jeff (Bonk) started making fun of the giant wall scuplture, which I'm sure the restaraunt owners were AWARE of. And just like last year, Jeff (otherwise known as Bonk) would NOT let us eat without laughing.

EXPLODING VAMPIRES AGAIN!!--- Once again Jeff (Bonk guy) brought up the subject of exploding naked vampires. We went on and on about it, and even got these other two guys at another table laughing with us!! It was unbelievable! We couldn't stop!


ICHI the KILLER vs STAR WARS and MOONSHINE--- We went back to the hotel room, and Zaine & Bolt decided to show up. Before we knew it, we had cast Jeff (Bonk) as Jabba the Hut ("Oh ho ho ho, uuta goota Solo"), Max Blackrabbit as Solo (Imagine Max frozen with pencil and sketchbook in hand), and MYSELF as C-3P0. I then made the comments,

"I can DRAW in over 350 different styles" and

"Help the Furries have captured me and made me their guest of honor!"

Then Jeff (Bonk person) and I did Arnold impersonations , which led to other funny shit. Add in "Moonshine Hello!" stuff, and we were rollin' all night.

STILL NO SLEEP!!!????--- With all the crap I had to do, I managed to lie down and sleep for a whole 10 minutes before we had to leave.

SUNDAY NIGHT SLEEP = 10 minutes (!!!!!!!!!!)

Well, there were a few more events that took place, and I know I failed to mention a few... but damn... it was soooooo fuckiiiiing FUN!! THANK YOU to all who were there to help make it fun! CAN'T WAIT for next year!!!


BTW, most of the con photos came from this website....


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    So Aja and I went down to my cousin's wedding last weekend. We rented a car and everything (NOTE: PT Cruisers are NICE!). I went from looking like…

  • Wii Friend Code Again

    Yeah, I'm obsessed with Mii's. I must have more... GIVE them to me!!! My friend code is 4679 1047 8886 0859 Anyone who responded with theirs in…

  • Some kind of day...

    Today was a cool day. First off, Aja and I managed to find the ONE place in this damn city where they sell gummy colas, which taste GREAT after you…